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I’m native to Houston, TX where I split my time between studying the arts and raising animals.  As a kid, my greatest passion was dancing, not music.  If you talked to me in the ‘90s, I would have been busy dancing in halftime shows for the Houston Rockets, and I would have told you that I was destined to become one of the “Fly Girls” on “In Living Color.”  Obviously, God had other plans for me.

After a leg injury forced me to take some time off from dancing, I spent more time playing my flute, which until then had been little more than a hobby.  Somehow, I wound up being sent off to New York where I studied at Eastman School of Music, one of the top conservatories in the world!  Despite being given the honor of studying at such a prestigious school, I spent my 20’s doing what a lot of free spirited 20-somethings do.  I was still  convinced there was something else I was supposed to be doing with my life, not just sitting in a pit orchestra on Broadway.

It wasn’t until I lost my father in 2008 that I came to realize that my musical gift was something that God was expecting me to use to touch people’s lives.  A few lessons in faith and obedience led me to produce my first album “Silver Lining.” (To Purchase Album… Click Here)  Knowing myself all too well, I knew that to keep myself engaged, I needed new challenges.  This is when I finally forced myself to step outside of my “Classical” comfort zone.  

Nowadays, I’m playing the music I never learned in school, and I’m loving the new challenges and learning experiences I’m facing.  In 2014, I released my debut smooth jazz single “Diary” and this year, I will be releasing my first full-length project in the same genre.  I can only hope you will enjoy hearing it as much as I am enjoying creating it.

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